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The platform allows you to quickly and efficiently solve the problem of collecting large amounts of heterogeneous data, processing them using mathematical methods of analysis and visualization on any displays, including mobile devices and ultra-high resolution screens..

Unlike transactional accounting systems, analytics require multidimensional queries to be performed over hundreds of millions of records interactively. Regular relational DBMSs are not suitable for this task, as they are optimized for fast reading and writing individual records. The traditional approach to solving this problem was to perform pre-calculations, however, the disadvantage of this was the lack of system flexibility — any change in data or analysis methods required a long recount process (up to several hours). A modern analytical system should support fully interactive work with data.

Therefore, Proprior has developed a specialized database that fully utilizes the capabilities of modern hardware, as well as optimized for performing analytical queries.

Extensive data loading and integration Proprior provides a built-in web-based administration panel through which you can configure connections to data sources. The easiest way to get data is to load a simple table in CSV or XLSX format, where the file can be downloaded from a network folder, and you can configure automatic updating on a schedule for it. To download data from databases, it is possible to retrieve data using SQL queries. Proprior is compatible with any relational DBMS that provides a JDBC driver, for example, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HP Vertica, and others.

For the convenience of analysts and business users, data must be converted to a multidimensional (OLAP) model. The multidimensional model describes data not in terms of a developer, but in terms of business, such as indicators and measurements (sometimes called analytical sections). Proprior allows you to customize the multidimensional model (semantic layer) directly in the database through a web interface and use it to perform multidimensional (OLAP) queries.

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